Read that back, will you?

CapturaTalk for Android™ is a new development and schools have been trialling it on the Toshiba AT100 Android tablet as a versatile solution to support pupils in all their lessons.

Belvoir High School in Leicestershire identified a group of dyslexic learners in year 8 to use CapturaTalk for Android. This App provides Text-to-Speech and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on Android mobile phones and tablet devices. It even lets users take photographs and then identifies and reads out embedded text.

Staff were looking to improve support for pupils with difficulties reading and writing, who struggle to access the curriculum. It took very little time for the group to get familiar with the technology and soon they were able to use CapturaTalk in most of their lessons, particularly in English, Geography, History and Science where there is a considerable amount of project work.

CapturaTalk was good for research as the talking browser
enabled learners to hear any web page read aloud. Text could
then be copied and used as the basis for extended writing.
The predictive text feature inside the Android
operating system was also a great hit with the learners,
being a feature they were already familiar with from their
mobile phones.

Helen Bett, Head of Inclusion at Belvoir High School, worked
with the group of learners during the research and was involved
with the evaluation. She noticed an improvement in self-esteem,
confidence and motivation of the group, particularly the girls, in
a very short period of time. Teachers have reported that
CapturaTalk lets children work with texts that might at first sight
seem too advanced for them.

What pupils liked about CapturaTalk:

'The speaking text in CapturaTalk is great. I like it lots as it’s
good to hear your work being read back to you.'

'I liked the way that CapturaTalk translated text into Spanish
for me and then it read it back!'

'I used CapturaTalk all the time to find out information on the
internet during my geography lessons.'

'I used CapturaTalk every day to check that my writing was right.'

'I used CapturaTalk every day to check that my writing was right.'

CapturaTalk synchronises colour highlighting of words or sentences as they are read aloud

Other things you can do:

• Teachers prepared work on their interactive whiteboard and photographed it using the built-in camera on the tablet. The OCR feature of CapturaTalk converted the picture into plain text. The children could then complete their work independently, which increased their confidence and developed their self-esteem.

• The word prediction tool helps pupils to improve their vocabulary.

• Children have used Android’s voice recognition feature so they have dictated their thoughts and seen them translated into text.

• Schools are using the translation and voice feedback service in CapturaTalk to translate information about the school into lots of different languages, for families who do not speak English

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